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  • My Interview on Tele Liban - Lebanon Television
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About Hisham Natour

Born in UAE Abu-Dhabi on 27th of October. Studied in the universal private school in al-Ain city moved to Lebanon in 2008, In 2012 I have completed my bachelor degree in Graphic Design at Arts , Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL),But my journey started in 2010 where I fell for Designs and Graphics, My 1st step in graphic design did not only rely on designing but also on visualizing , thinking , and creativity that later on expanded my work into media an multimedia and other services such as advertising and marketing that were done in a short time under the name of supervision , regulation implantation and professionalism 2014 my vision expanded from combining two things digital and sensational by starting O2Engine.com Environmental project which took a huge success and was presented on TV and social media where a lot of associations contributed in this campaign and it is still in progress till this day



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